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Our idea started with a problem. Our Director having worked in the industry for a decade as a property manager and Principal of boutique agency, knows firsthand property managers have a tough job. They have so many urgent and competing priorities and even the most planned out day can be interrupted.


Agencies are often behind in their inspections from increased workload or when staff leave. Condition reports are often completed last minute before the tenant is moving in. The result is a poorly prepared condition report or unhappy owners changing agencies as their reports are not received in a timely manner. You are watching thousands of dollars walk out the door every time you lose a management from your rent roll.


Little Miss Agent was founded on the idea of assisting property managers and property management agencies be more efficient, take control of their time and increase profits by not having to hire additional staff to catch back up. Clients will find our professional approach efficient and we will become a trusted extension of your team.

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